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Woodstown, NJ

Our Woodstown Operations Center was established to serve local petroleum companies, manufacturers, utilities, trucking and rail transportation companies, regulatory agencies, and educational institutions. We understand the community we serve and have the satisfaction of developing long lasting customer relationships. At Miller Environmental Group we are dedicated to providing our customers with the experience and resources necessary for a successful conclusion to any scheduled project or emergency service.

MEG’s Woodstown Disposal Facility processes bulk petroleum impacted waste water through an oil/water separator and pre-treatment process prior to release to a POTW discharge center off-site. Drums of both solid and liquid petroleum contaminated materials are aggregated to be consolidated into bulk commodities awaiting final disposal. The traffic flow, staging areas, and process facilities make for a smooth and efficient turnaround for waste loads from tank trailers to utility trucks.


  • Class D Recycling Center
  • NJ Hazardous Waste 10 Day Transfer Facility
  • Gated facility with 24-hour Video Surveillance
  • NJ Certified On-Site Lab for Quick Analysis


  • Drum Storage and Consolidation (330 Drum Capacity)
  • Bulk Liquids–250,000 Gallon Capacity
  • Bulk Solid Processing
  • High Flash Processing
  • Low Flash Processing
  • Tank Truck Cleanings (petroleum based)
  • Carbon Vessel Cleaning




108 East Lake Road Woodstown, NJ 08098 (856) 769-9022 Directions
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Chris Troutman
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