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Mar 01

Monthly Memories 40th Anniversary – Issue 3

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Jim Miller Sr. – Founder

The Original Equipment 40 Years Of Service

The equipment that began our company history was state of the art. We thought we really were big time! Our first Vacuum Truck was a 2000 Gallon rear opening dump mounted on a 1969 Cab over Mack. We also boasted our own Super Supply Truck which was a 1965 Moving Van with a full supply of rakes, shovels, lights and a generator. Over the years we have purchased numerous pieces of equipment. Some pieces at auction and some in groups. These pieces of equipment strategically placed MEG in a position to grow our burgeoning company.

In 1976, we received a phone call to respond to a major oil spill on the St. Lawrence Sea Way. We moved our 56’ Landing Craft and a Vacuum Barge from Bayonne, NJ up the Hudson River to the Barge Canal and the Thousand Islands in Alexandria Bay. It took two weeks to transit to the job site. Our new equipment along with our existing equipment faired very well on the cleanup lasting all summer and we returned home in October of that year just before the snow.

Now… Mark Miller – CEO and Owner

Modernizing and Expanding 26 Years Of Service

In January of 2011 Miller Environmental Group (MEG) set out to modernize and expand its land-based and marine equipment fleet. MEG’s new equipment additions have been evaluated and procured based on MEG client requests and needs, employee safety, technological advancements, quality, diesel emission standards, fuel efficiency and consistency with the long-term growth plans of MEG. MEG owner, Mark Miller, commented “With our company’s 40th anniversary in 2011, it is fitting that through this purchase of over 75 new pieces of equipment; we are able to demonstrate to our clients and employees our long-term commitment to service, excellence, safety, and commercial competitiveness. These purchases will allow MEG to offer our clients and employees, the most modern, safe, and environmentally friendly equipment in the industry.” Some of the 2011 model year additions to the fleet include: (12) 10-wheel tractors, (10) 3,200 gallon vacuum trucks, (4) guzzler vacuum trucks, (20) utility trucks, (5) oil spill response vessels, six miles of oil containment boom, as well as roll-off trucks, rack trucks, and box trucks.

Jerry Coogan, the MEG manager who spearheaded the procurement, stated “The acquisition process was an excellent collaboration of clients, employees, and our vendors working together to develop an amazing mix of equipment types and features. Our customers and our equipment operators had an important role in providing us input for the selection of this equipment.” Miller said that “This equipment expansion will go far in aiding us to serve existing clients as well as support our expansion to new service lines and territories.”

Employee Story Of The Month James Davey – Sr. Vice President and CAO

25 Years Of Service

I’m thinking back to late 1989. We got a call from RAD Oil Corporation’s Bulk Petroleum facility in Island Park, NY. They were changing over their big tanks from Gasoline to No. 2 oil for the upcoming heating season, and wanted Miller to clean one of their four (4) million gallon gasoline storage tanks. My heart sank. There are two (2) Miller rules that were already etched in my very young brain- “NO is NEVER a response to a client’s request for service” and “Empty gasoline containers are a hell of a lot more dangerous than full ones”. But this container was (4) four million gallons! So our answer was, “Of course WE CAN-when do you want to schedule it”?

Thank goodness RAD wanted the tank cleaned in two days from the initial call, because I couldn’t go without sleep for one more night!

The“A”Team was assembled, and we arrived on-site at 0600. By 0645 our tailgate talk was done, the trucks and equipment were in place, and we were ready to take this big container from an explosive atmosphere right on through to all clean. We grounded everything! Everything from the “2” wrench used to take off the man way bolts, hoses, trucks and all the sedans on-site – nothing was left to chance. Finally, John Meaney said “ENOUGH” when I tried to ground the SCBA’s!

According to the confined space entry permit documentation at 1045 the 120’d x 40’h “bomb” was all clean and gas free! What was the big deal? That was number one of many, many, more that have come since.


Miller Environmental Group, Inc. (MEG) has been servicing the utility, transportation, petrochemical, insurance, and medical industries throughout the Northeastern United States for over 40 years. Today, MEG has multiple office locations staffed with HAZWOPER/ HAZMAT trained employees specializing in Emergency Spill Response, Industrial Cleaning, and Environmental Remediation services. MEG is a classified Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) and is recognized by the USCG and US EPA. Specifically, MEG personnel have extensive experience and training in the areas of Oil Spill Response, Hazardous Materials Response, Groundwater Remediation, Industrial Cleaning, Pipeline Cleaning and Video Inspection. MEG currently provides Environmental and Industrial Services for petroleum companies, chemical manufacturers and processors, utilities, aviation-related companies, the railroad industry, consulting engineering firms, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, and various Fortune 500 companies.