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Apr 01

Monthly Memories 40th Anniversary – Issue 4

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Jim Miller Sr. – Founder

Tough Talk 40 Years Of Service

If you are old enough to remember when phone numbers included letters then you will enjoy this month’s newsletter. Way back when circa 1971…..MEG was a fledgling company with a small office in Port Jefferson, NY. The rotary phone that adorned the desk was reached by dialing HR3.9132. Communications was always a critical component of our service over the years. One of the very first services that Miller offered in Long Island Sound was ship to shore communication. This was not as streamlined in the 1970’s as it is today. The ship to shore communication was generally initiated by a shipping agent that would knock on the office door in Port Jefferson needing to communicate with a vessel in Long Island Sound. We would get underway and approach the ship to get the attention of the Captain and/or Crew to communicate the message.

Not quite the speed of communication today. Well, when we had trouble getting the attention of those aboard the ship, we would have to swing a sledge hammer against the ship’s steel hull to ring the door bell. This was sort of the equivalent to today’s “You’ve Got Mail” . We never failed to get the attention of those aboard the ship and we never failed to complete the service we were hired to do. As time moved on, we kept up with the technology and today we are able to send an email, call a cell phone, reach a vessel via Marine VHF and/or Satellite Communications. We have come a long way indeed. However, sometimes things in the digital world fail and just in case, we always have a trusted back up communication plan resting in our tool box!

Now… Dave Bender – Information Systems

Modern Communications 6 Years Of Service

In today’s fast paced world the need to disseminate information quickly is no longer a novelty but a hardened expectation. Gone are the days when we got our first fax machine and everyone stood around in awe and waited a few minutes for the first sheet of information to slowly crawl out. A spectacular sight and giant step forward in technology. As we moved forward to present times we now talk in terms of milliseconds and not minutes. Even the most technologically handicapped individuals get upset when their expected information from 800 miles away doesn’t arrive in under a few seconds. At MEG we have setup elaborate Blackberry servers, multiple Exchange email servers with web access, remote access to backend systems, afterhours call routing, Voice over IP, Nextel communications, remote satellite and wireless broadband cards, and the list goes on. Quickly MEG has the ability to contact and reach virtually any resource at almost any location within seconds thanks to a major investment in our technology platforms. A vast change from days gone by and we look forward to leveraging even more technology in the days to come to distribute and collect information even quicker.

Story Of The Month Bruce Fuhrmann

Swezey Fuel Company, Inc.

At the time of MEG’s first oil spill response (1971) Swezey Fuel Company, Inc. operated a waterside barge terminal directly north of the Northville Industries dock in Port Jefferson, NY. The terminal was being phased out and took its last barge in 1974. In 1974, we removed all the barge piping from the dock. Once this was completed we had a new vessel at the end of the dock, probably the Lady Barbara, but definitely a Jim Miller boat. My father told Jim he could keep the boats there at no charge as there was no other use for the dock. Next thing I knew we were eating lobster once a week and Jim kept the supply coming.

Now every time I take the Port Jefferson Ferry, I look over at our old dock and see a couple of MEG’s boats still tied up. I wonder how many lobsters that is costing.


Miller Environmental Group, Inc. (MEG) has been servicing the utility, transportation, petrochemical, insurance, and medical industries throughout the Northeastern United States for over 40 years. Today, MEG has multiple office locations staffed with HAZWOPER/ HAZMAT trained employees specializing in Emergency Spill Response, Industrial Cleaning, and Environmental Remediation services. MEG is a classified Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) and is recognized by the USCG and US EPA. Specifically, MEG personnel have extensive experience and training in the areas of Oil Spill Response, Hazardous Materials Response, Groundwater Remediation, Industrial Cleaning, Pipeline Cleaning and Video Inspection. MEG currently provides Environmental and Industrial Services for petroleum companies, chemical manufacturers and processors, utilities, aviation-related companies, the railroad industry, consulting engineering firms, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, and various Fortune 500 companies.