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Jun 01

Monthly Memories 40th Anniversary – Issue 5

Article Source By millerenv

Established in 1971, Miller Environmental Group, Inc., (MEG) is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2011. Please join us in celebrating 40 years of inventive and professional business. If you have any stories or experiences of working with MEG to share please submit them via our website at Thank you to all of our customers and employees for the loyal support.

Then… Jim Miller Sr. – Founder


In June of 1979 Miller Environmental Group, at the time named Marine Pollution Control, responded to a marine oil spill in NY Harbor of more than 100,000 gallons as a subcontractor to AAA Pollution. Shortly after arriving on scene we discovered oil throughout NY Harbor from Coney Island to Bayonne NJ. After 2 days Miller was promoted from sub contractor to the prime contractor. As the spill progressed we were confronted with a problem consisting of 100 private vessels as well as the floating docks that were oiled along the water line and a marina operator who would not allow any access to the property.The spill manager on the job at the time (Bob Stoll) told us to solve the problem. We were able to negotiate a deal with the marina owner by agreeing to pay the marina $1000 a day to rent the entire marina. We then went to a commercial diving school and hired the entire class of young divers. We dressed them in wet suits and weigh belts. The students then entered the water with cleaner and rags, cleaning all the boats and floating docks by hand over a 3 day weekend. At the end of the weekend we returned the fully cleaned marina to the owner with a $3000 payment. This was our creative way to get the job done at a great savings. We received an “Atta Boy” letter from the surveyor at the end of the job.

June 30th, 1979

We must commend the foremen, supervisors and crews for their innovative ideas employed during cleanup operations and their great desire to do the best possible job in the smallest amount of time required. On numerous occasions we assigned Marine Pollution Control to the worst areas and found that upon completion of the operations they had not only accomplished their assigned tasks as assigned, but generally provided completion prior than anticipated.

-Bob Stoll

Now… George Wallace – VP/CCO

ATHOS I OIL SPILL 15 Years Of Service

In November of 2004 MEG was a first responder to the M/T ATHOS I Oil Spill on the Delaware River in Paulsboro, NJ. MEG initially responded to boom in the M/T ATHOS I with 2200’ of Containment Boom on the day after Thanksgiving. As the adage goes real estate is all about location, location, location. MEG’s Paulsboro Operation Center is located immediately south of the terminal on the Delaware River where the M/T ATHOS I ran aground. MEG was on scene within 40 minutes of being notified and began booming the vessel. In the next week the entire MEG Operations in Paulsboro were transformed into a staging and deployment location that was the focus of the spill through the Emergency Response phase. MEG also performed protective booming for 7 locations on the

Delaware River under contract to the Delaware River and Bay Cooperative. The spilled oil affected over 100 miles of shoreline in PA, DE, and NJ. MEG provided up to 300 HAZWOPER trained responders on an around the clock basis for approximately 3 months. Due to the strength and sustainability of MEG’s Marine Operations personnel and equipment MEG continued to support the USCG with equipment and personnel to perform cleanup operations throughout 2005. MEG now provides a long-term maintenance program to the USCG for this spill.

Story Of The Month Captain Kevin J. Black – Paulsboro Operations

7 Years Of Service

Shortly after I first started back in April of 2004, The Paulsboro office was having a training day. As usual on training days we received a call for a spill from a tug boat sinking on the Christiana River. The Paulsboro office jumped to life. We quickly mobilized boats, and equipment to handle the spill. As we arrived on scene there was no sign of a sunken boat just a man standing on the pier yelling “it’s down there” while pointing to the bottom. After a few minutes of trying to find the vessel we were able to secure the area with boom. I quickly learned how much fun it is to muck oil. MEG stayed on site for a few days until a crane barge arrived to lift the tugboat from the bottom.

Wilmington Tug was so pleased with our response and efficiency they asked if we would stay after the boat was secured to the dock and clean the tug from top to bottom. MEG responded to the offer, “certainly”. The MEG crew then spent the next few days’ pressure washing the entire tugboat. This proj- ect showed just how being good at one job can open a door for the next.


Miller Environmental Group, Inc. (MEG) has been servicing the utility, transportation, petrochemical, insurance, and medical industries throughout the Northeastern United States for over 40 years. Today, MEG has multiple office locations staffed with HAZWOPER/HAZMAT trained employees specializing in Emergency Spill Response, Industrial Cleaning, and Environmental Remediation services. MEG is a classified Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) and is recognized by the USCG and US EPA. Specifically, MEG personnel have extensive experience and training in the areas of Oil Spill Response, Hazardous Materials Response, Groundwater Remediation, Industrial Cleaning, Pipeline Cleaning and Video Inspection. MEG currently provides Environmental and Industrial Services for petroleum companies, chemical manufacturers and processors, utilities, aviation-related companies, the railroad industry, consulting engineering firms, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, and various Fortune 500 companies.