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Waterworks – Newburgh, NY Facility

Woodstown Waste Transfer StationMiller Environmental Group’s Water Works TSD Facility is a Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal operation that safely processes liquid and solid petroleum contaminated wastes. Water Works is centrally located in the Northeastern US, in New York’s Hudson Valley region at the intersection of Interstates 84 and 87 in Newburgh, NY. The Water Works operation is on an 11- acre parcel and has substantial capacity to handle both liquid and solid wastes.
Water Works processes bulk petroleum impacted waste water through an oil/water separator and pre-treatment process prior to release to a POTW discharge. Drums of both solid and liquid petroleum contaminated materials are aggregated to be consolidated into bulk commodities awaiting final disposal. The traffic flow, staging areas, and process facilities make for a smooth and efficient turn around for waste loads from tank trailers to utility trucks.

  • Fully NYSDEC 360 Permitted TSDF
  • POTW Permitted Discharge (18 Million Gallons/year)
  • Drum Storage and Consolidation (250 Drum Capacity)
  • Well-lit 11-acre parcel with 24-hour Video Surveillance and Visitor Sign-in

Miller Environmental Group has a well-established logistics chain that supports the Water Works TSD Facility. MEG has all of the necessary transportation permits along the Eastern Seaboard of the US to coordinate waste transport into the Water Works TSD Facility.





77 Stewart Avenue
Newburgh, NY 12550
(845) 561-4111

Josh Hanlon
Facility Manager

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday
7 AM to 7 PM
(Actual Operating Hours May Vary)

Accepted Waste Streams:
  • Oil & Waste Oil
  • Fuel Oil Tank Bottoms
  • Oil Contaminated Water
  • Non-Hazardous Oil Contaminated Debris