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Training & Compliance

Training & Compliance

The Miller Environmental Group Training Institute combines certified training professionals, with years of teaching experience and seasoned “hands-on” instructors bringing practical, real world approaches to training. A balance of classroom work and field exercises provides a full learning experience for the student. The MEG Training Institute utilizes performance based training methods, whereby the skills taught are derived from expected job (task) performance.

The MEG Training Institutes operate in accordance with OSHA’s non-mandatory guidelines for training. Regulations, procedures, standards, accepted practices and basic fundamentals are presented clearly and accurately. Our syllabus is reviewed and updated regularly, to comply with Federal, State and Local regulations.

The MEG Training Institute, located in Calverton, NY; Rock Tavern, NY; Westbury, NY; and Baltimore, MD, are fully equipped educational facilities with state-of-the-art training equipment including; projectors & laptop computers for clear and concise presentation of training material, Flat Screen TV with DVD and computer combination. The training facilities are also equipped with an SCBA Maze and a Real Life Confined Space for a truly hands on training experience.

At the request of the client, training sessions may be instructed at your facility, provided that there are appropriate accommodations, which are conducive to an effective learning environment.

MEG Training Institute Staff looks forward to meeting your training needs and offers the following services:

To learn more about our programs and schedule of classes, please call us at 631-369-4900  or fill out the contact us form.

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