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Waste Transportation & Disposal

Waste Transportation & Disposal

Miller Environmental Group’s (MEG’s) Waste Transportation and Disposal expertise provides our clients with the most cost effective environmentally sound disposal option for each waste stream identified. MEG personnel are adept in the assessment and characterization of regulated and non-regulated wastes in accordance with EPA, State, and DOT Regulations.

MEG has the ability to assist with the preparation of all required documentation to ensure the safe and legal transport of all Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste. Prior to transport all containers, drums, and packages are inspected and determined to be in sound condition, sealed and clearly labeled in accordance with EPA and DOT Regulations. MEG also can supply the appropriate labels and a trained experienced response team to repack damaged containers prior to disposal.

MEG owns a Non Hazardous Waste Facility in Newburgh, NY operation that safely processes liquid and solid petroleum contaminated wastes. The Water Works Facility is centrally located in the Northeastern US in New York’s Hudson Valley at the intersection of Interstates 87 and 84 in Newburgh, NY. The Water Works Facility has substantial capacity to handle both liquid and solid wastes as it is located on an 11-acre parcel.

MEG additionally has thoroughly audited and approved a network of Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities (TSDF’s) that cover a broad range of disposal technologies. MEG has identified the most environmentally sound disposal options for the differing waste streams that are produced in order to offer a complete range of alternatives to our customers.

MEG currently offers the following Waste Transportation & Disposal Services:


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