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Enviro Jet Technologies

Enviro Jet Technologies is Miller Environmental Group’s proprietary system for pipeline decontamination service for natural gas, electric, and petrochemical industries.

The Enviro Jet System was developed after several years of research and development, creating a highly cost-effective service which decontaminates and cleans pipelines, storm sewers, water mains and related equipment.

The primary driver behind Enviro Jet’s inception was to provide a pipeline decontamination program providing full compliance with 40 CFR Part 761, commonly referred to as the MEGA Rule.

Enviro Jet’s MEGA Rule cleaning methods will decontaminate polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in natural gas pipelines to a level that is considered PCB free under the law, therefore eliminating long-term environmental liability, as well as the requirement to register the abandoned pipe with the EPA in their One Call Program.

In addition to our MEGA Rule PCB decontamination methods, our technology is also effective on a variety of pipeline and cable cleaning projects. From hazardous material decontamination to straight jet-cleaning, Enviro Jet will work with you to determine the most environmentally safe and cost-effective solution for your needs.

Enviro Jet’s solutions include:

  • Spray Cleaning Technology
  • Soaking Process
  • EnviroClean PODF, our proprietary product
  • Hydro-Blaster System
  • Pipeline Inspections


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