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Water & Flood Damage Remediation

Water & Flood Damage Remediation

Miller Environmental Group’s (MEG’s) emergency response service offers a rapid and effective Water and Flood Damage Remediation response to all types of damage scenarios. MEG has a full line of state of the art equipment to provide water removal, evaporation, dehumidification and monitoring from water damage.

Our process:

  • Extraction – First, we extract liquids from flooring, basements, carpet tile, etc. MEG’s equipment is designed to remove the maximum amount of liquids from carpets, cushions, upholstery and other textiles. Achieving the optimum extraction results is the best way to reduce the number of days required to restore a property.
  • Detection – MEG has moisture detection tools which monitor the percent of saturation in wood, drywall, plaster, trim work, etc. MEG will continue to monitor until favorable results are achieved.
  • Dehumidification/Drying – MEG has a full line of dehumidifiers and drying equipment. MEG will determine the proper equipment to be used and the best strategy for optimum results.
  • Monitor – MEG will continue to monitor any site on a daily basis and assess the drying process. Some key elements in this process is monitoring air flow and temperature control.

When required, MEG can provide fogging machines which can dispense disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides and insecticides to insure our customers are provided a clean environment.

MEG’s efficient equipment is specifically designed to provide the most effective drying methods possible. The key elements in the drying process are to understand the relationship between humidity, temperature and air flow. MEG’s trained staff and state of the art equipment provide the most efficient results in restoration of property from water damage.

Safety in Focus