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From Field Technician to Chief Operating Officer

How MEG’s Chief Operating Officer began his career in the field and worked his way to the top!

Miller Environmental Group Inc. fosters advancement within the 50-year-old company

In 1989, Jerry Coogan applied to Miller Environmental Group Inc. (“MEG”) to be a field technician. He interviewed with Jim Davey, Operations Manager and Jim Miller, Founder and CEO of MEG. Jerry was excited for the opportunity with a great company, and knew the work was going to be hard – but rewarding. That same day, Jerry was hired on the spot and continued to carry the title of Field Technician until 1998 when he was promoted to Supervisor of EnviroJet, MEG’s proprietary pipeline decontamination service for natural gas, electric, and petrochemical industries.

Over the next two decades, Coogan wore many hats and titles from Project Manager, Branch Manager, Regional Manager to VP of Operations. “Working in different roles at MEG was an incredible way to stretch my skills as an individual and a leader – it actually strengthened the company. When I was given new challenges, it meant I needed to empower my team to take on new roles and responsibilities I had been carrying. At each side of the equation, we needed to lean on one another to get the job done, that kind of reliance on teamwork is what makes MEG great today,” said Coogan.

Then, in 2019 Miller Environmental Group Inc. was acquired by GenNX360, a private equity company, and Jerry was promoted to lead the company into the next evolution.

“One thing MEG does really well is putting the right person in the right job role that best highlights their skillset. Knowing what someone is best suited to do is invaluable, but not always obvious. When you put the strongest team member in the right role, the work gets done efficiently and effectively. I was fortunate enough to have mentors throughout my career at MEG who empowered me to keep growing and our team of managers and supervisors continue to foster this attitude of advancement today!”

Currently, MEG is hiring for over 60 different positions throughout the East Coast of the United States. From Field Technicians, Branch Managers to Billing and Human Resources!

Jerry’s advice to those who are beginning their career is to, “Pay attention and learn everything you can from those around you, there is nothing more valuable than an experienced mentor.“


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