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5 Vacuum Truck Support solutions

The manufacturing industry, along with many other industries requires various vacuum truck services before, during, and after projects. For project managers and CEOs, it is important to have a partner that can accommodate and quickly supply the right solution. This way fines can be avoided from the city as well as organizations like OSHA and ensure a thorough cleanup.


There are various types of vacuum truck support solutions available depending on the project. Knowing what will be needed to clean up the space properly is the first step to ensuring there is nothing left behind at the end of a project. 


Industrial Vacuum Service 


Industrial vacuum services are used to vac a variety of materials from solids, liquids, slurries, and thick sludge. This service is ideal for disposing of hazardous materials that would otherwise be left behind and contaminate the surrounding environment.


Vacuum Enhanced Fluid Recovery for Remediation Sites 


Vacuum-enhanced fluid recovery services are extraction services used on underground storage tanks that lack products such as oil, petroleum, oily water, etc. This service is ideal for remediation sites to restore materials that were previously in the area to maintain the environment of the location. 


Tank, Vessel, & Manhole Cleaning  


Tank cleaning removes hydrocarbon vapors, liquids, and residues. This is ideal for cleaning ballast, gas-free tanks before entering the dry dock, removing dregs from tank top plating, and loading incompatible cargo onto a truck. 


Much like tank cleaning, vessel cleaning ensures that all residues are removed from the space. However, with this service, vessels can act as quarantine locations for various types of vapors or liquids to be held in a contained space pending analysis of the substance. 


For manhole cleaning, a decontamination company crew will come out to the site and remove and dispose of materials left in a manhole safely. This can consist of anywhere from storm drains to electrical holes.


HydroBlasting & HydroDemolition 


Hydroblasting is the process of using specialized water pumps to intensify water pressure to remove grime and hard deposits from equipment and surfaces. This is not the same as washing a home with a pressure washer, the PSI on hydro is extremely high, around 10-40K PSI. This allows for a thorough wash after a project and is ideal for sites that do not contain any contaminants or at least not until the contaminants have properly been disposed of.   


HydroDemolition is much like Hydroblasting as it uses high-pressure water to remove waste or debris. In this case, hydrodemolition refers to the removal of damaged concrete or asphalt.


Pipe Cleaning & Video Inspection 


Industrial pipe cleaning is used to maintain and clean out blockages that can occur within industrial piping systems. Over time, pipes accumulate debris that can clog them and eventually impair the system. This is a necessary, non-abrasive service to clear out these obstructions so that the pipes run properly. 


Find the best vacuum truck service with MEG


Miller Environmental Group’s (MEG’s) Industrial Services personnel are experts in assisting our customer’s in decontaminating equipment and facilities of regulated and non-regulated materials on a quick turnaround. Our mobile equipment and trained staff can handle any job including vacuum enhanced fluid recovery, boiler cleaning, manhole prep and clearing, pipeline cleaning and video inspection, hydroblasting, oil water separator cleaning, tank cleaning, concrete vacuum services, and industrial cleaning. 


MEG provides both the equipment and the technical and supervisory personnel needed for a variety of tank cleaning operations including: 


  • Marine and land-based applications of both unregulated and regulated materials. 
  • Tank barges
  • Highway tankers 
  • Rail tank cars
  • Above-ground, and underground storage tanks
  • Separator tanks
  • Waste oil tanks
  • Manholes
  • Gypsum conveyors
  • Quarry conveyors
  • Rock tumblers
  • Rail hopper cars


We are especially skilled at identifying the cleaning method best suited for the job.


MEG maintains a modern fleet of vacuum, guzzler, and tanker trucks, high-capacity centrifugal and diaphragm pumps, hydraulic submersible pumps, hoses, and a variety of ancillary equipment to move virtually any material from one point to another. Specialized pumps for transferring chemicals and high-viscosity fluids are also available.


To learn more about how MEG can assist during a project clean-up, reach out to us today!