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Save Money and Time with Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Businesses are experiencing a gap between increasing regulatory pressure and an often shrinking workforce.  Complex regulatory reporting bogs personnel down, and the expense and complexity of hiring the staff necessary is significant.

Here’s the central problem: what used to work doesn’t work anymore.

So can you (and how do you) achieve the impossible? Can you be proactive instead of reactive with your compliance, and meet all requirements while actually lowering costs? Is there a win-win anywhere?

Because that’s what businesses need.

Compliance and Training as a Subscription

Some people have all their compliance and regulatory reporting and paperwork done for them. They’re not stuck behind the desk filling out tedious air monitoring reports. Instead, they’re freed up to focus on the important aspects of their job. These people work for businesses that have a compliance and training subscription with us at Miller Environmental Group (MEG).

We provide a compliance and training subscription through our partnership with U.S. Compliance so that you have an environmental health, safety, and compliance professional on-speed dial and available to visit your site when you need them. And not at an hourly wage!

This professional will do the requisite inspections and file any and all reports for you, whenever and wherever those reports need to be sent.

All reports will be filed on time by our experts in the regulatory field for your specific industry.

Also, subscriptions can include ongoing training needs – such as forklift training, OSHA construction training, etc. This way, your training will be scheduled for you, at times convenient to you, to avoid last-minute hassles. If you need training we’ll come on-site, or a lot of training can be done remotely, too.

SDS Subscription Too?

With MEG’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS) subscription service, SDSs are kept as a virtual library that can be accessed from any device – including your computer, tablet, or phone. This custom SDS library for your company can then be easily updated when new material arrives on site.

Consider how valuable immediate SDS access can be, especially in an emergency. With digital SDS records, you can quickly locate the SDS, show it to the EMT, and even send it to the hospital.

Having someone else come in to do an SDS inventory for you, which MEG does with SDS subscriptions, can save you a lot of hassle. Generally, SDSs are in a binder gathering dust in the hallway. But if there’s something on-site and there’s no corresponding SDS in the binder, you can be fined if OSHA shows up. MEG ties up all the loose SDS ends for you.

There’s a lot of value to the SDS Subscription. It’s less than $100 a month, and it can help you greatly with your compliance.

Can it Save Money?


One way is, you can use these subscriptions when you have the need but don’t have the budget for hiring someone – it costs significantly less and businesses get so much more bang for their buck, because you’ve got a high-level expert who is up to date on industry-wide topics (instead of what was relevant ten years ago).

Another way you save money is by the facility audit we do with the subscription program, which identifies your danger zones: where safety hazards are and what OSHA can fine you for. You can avoid fines of 5- or 6-digits this way.

When you’re in the building day in and day out, it’s easy to miss the obvious. A fresh pair of eyes can help dramatically. You can be fined for what you miss. (No thanks.)

Can it Save Time?

Quite a lot.

The compliance and training subscription and the SDS subscription both save significant amounts of time. Keeping up with monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting, ensuring all paperwork is in order, making sure reports were sent on time, remembering to schedule training before certifications expire… How much time does that take? Add up the hours.

Consider also the time saved on a regulatory inspection that goes well versus one that goes poorly. Depending on the agency, a good inspection takes a few days. A bad one takes months. And no one but no one enjoys an inspection that’s gone south.

Saving Both Money and Time

If you want a company to come in and fill in your gaps at your convenience, provide superior value, give you more time and greater efficiency, and do that all for a low cost, then MEG’s subscription services are for you.

Industries who currently are using the Compliance and Training, and SDS Subscriptions include:
• Hospitals
• School systems
• Food and beverage manufacturers
• A well-known amusement park

MEG provides peace of mind at the end of the day. And saves significant amounts of money.

Because it’s about the value you get for what you spend.

Let MEG help you do what you’re best at.