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Environmental Stewardship

MEG solutions are driven by safety and work towards the preservation of the integrity of our land. Integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into our processes is part of our Core Values.

The following list highlights of these efforts:

Reclamation of Contaminated Fuels

MEG takes low and high flash materials for reclamation at our Woodstown, New Jersey TSD Facility so it can be used a second time as a fuel material instead of waste. 

Reclamation of Combustible Fuels

MEG takes combustible fuel (#2 Oil, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene) and processes this fuel as well so it can have a second purpose and not become waste.

Petroleum Contaminated Waste and Petroleum Contaminated Soil

MEG will take Petroleum Contaminated Water to pre-treat this material to remove the petroleum so it can then be sent to a wastewater treatment facility for chemical processing. Then, the PCW is brought to the POTW where it is biologically treated before it is put back into the water supply for public consumption.

Petroleum Contaminated Soil goes through a similar process where the petroleum is removed from the soil and then stabilized.

Reuse & Recycle Used Drums

At multiple Operation Centers, MEG teams will recycle and recondition used metal or plastic drums for additional use.

Reclaimed Metals

MEG will take almost any metal to be reclaimed. Whether it is an underground tank that has been pulled or old equipment, which we can reclaim and/or send to a recycling facility for further breakdown.

R&D Department

Located in North Carolina, MEG has its own R&D Department dedicated to repairing & refurbishing all kinds of MEG equipment to give it a longer life and keep it out of a landfill!