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As temperatures drop, the home heating oil business gets busy!

Emergency Response

As the temperatures drop, bringing us to the end of the year, Miller Environmental Group’s (MEG) solutions for Emergency Response and Training become the even hotter topic.  

Home Oil Heating companies and State Departments’ of Environmental Conservation and Protection, have relied on MEG to be their first phone call when an oil spill threatens the elements.

Whether on land or sea, Petroleum Companies have incidents where MEG is able to move in quickly to remedy the situation, minimizing impact to the earth, and the business. 

Miller Environmental Group’s response time, customer service, Spill Reports and relationships with regulators, have made us the provider of choice throughout the country. This proven reputation has also drawn the interest of various industries interested in having the MEG train their team in preparation for future incidents. 

MEG Training Solutions have been offered to municipalities, utilities and transportation;  we are not limited to the world of petroleum. 

If you’re looking for training at your facility or interested in visiting one of ours in New York, Pennsylvania, or Maryland, we have the team, equipment and hands-on experience to better qualify your staff for the unexpected.


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