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How OSHA Training Improves Business Growth Potential

OSHA training – effective, proper training – is so much more than employees having a piece of paper. Yes, it’s about maintaining compliance, which is essential. But it’s also about being a responsible employer – and having a superior safety record. This in turn drives new opportunities for business growth. Businesses grow through skilled OSHA training.

Less effective OSHA training has business-suppressing results. Accidents increase, which causes worker’s comp to increase. Additionally, when other companies see your workforce is more accident prone, they won’t take the risk of hiring your people. As a result, your opportunity for new clients goes down.

Safety affects the bottom line.

How can other businesses tell if your workplace has lots of accidents? The easy way is to find your grade from different services that collect safety, procurement, sustainability, quality and regulatory information for contractors and suppliers, that then verify the accuracy and report the results, such as ISNetworld (ISN).

The ISN assigns a letter grade to each business: A, B, C, D or F, just like when you were in school, and workplace injuries affect your grade. If you have a low grade (C, D, or F) this indicates a company (hopefully not yours) is less trustworthy, and businesses will not want your people on-site. The higher accident and injury rate is too great a risk.

So, it benefits a company in multiple ways to train people effectively to reduce and eliminate accidents. It pays to have an educated workforce.

But how do you find the right training company to maintain compliance and improved safety?

5 Questions for OSHA Training

Remember, by finding the right training company, you’re not just paying for OSHA certification. You’re also paying for the end goal: training that provides opportunities for economic growth.

Naturally, you first want to find a company with a superior reputation. Next, learn how the OSHA training company runs. Here are five key questions to ask:

  1. Is the training custom tailored to your specific workplace environment? If so, how?
  2. In the case of Covid or remote training, is the training a presentation or is it interactive training?
  3. How are classes run? Do the classes simply begin, or does the instructor get to know the people in class first, before beginning?
  4. Does the training company have a plan for training new employees hired after the training session, or how to certify employees who missed part of training due to an emergency?
  5. Does the training company have the ability to do all OSHA certifications, or will some need to be done through a different company?

The right training company always has an organized process.

Use these questions to find an OSHA training company that is experienced in transforming knowledge into workplace practice.

OSHA Training and Miller Environmental Group

Certified instructors at the Miller Environmental Group (MEG) Training Institute have the experience, knowledge base, and track record to bring top-level OSHA training to your company. Depending on where you are and your business needs, you can come to us for certified training, or we’ll come to you. Need to do remote classes? MEG does that too.

When you place a call to MEG you’ll be asked about your business and what training you need. Once a training plan is developed and agreed upon, a certified instructor then customizes the training to fit your unique situation.

At the opening of the first day of class, whether the class is in-person or remote, the instructor establishes a one-on-one connection with the participants. This paves the way for more interactive discussions and questions, leading to superior learning.

MEG is fully prepared ahead of time if you have a new hire, or if an employee missed a day of training for any reason. Not a problem.

Click here to learn more about MEG’s OSHA training, what trainings MEG covers, and how MEG’s innovative partnerships make safety and compliance simpler.

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Because safety and compliance are more than just a piece of paper.