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How to Handle a Heating Oil Spill the Right Way

It is not a good day. You had heating oil spill either indoors or outside on the soil, driveway, or down a sewer drain. What do you do?

An emergency oil spill can be straightforward or become a nightmare if it’s not dealt with properly at every stage of cleanup. Here’s where using an experienced team is critical. But what do you look for? And how do you know you’ve found the right company, even if they are experienced?

How do you Find the Right Company?

To find the right company for a heating oil spill, look for three things.

First, does the company you’re considering specialize in oil cleanup, or is the company straying from its core business?

  • Case in point, are you considering using a fire and water restoration business for a heating oil spill? Doing this causes more problems than it solves. Instead, use a company that specializes in restoring the environment (or your basement, yard, driveway, or sewer drain) to the way it was before the oil spill.

Next, is the company capable and qualified?

  • Useful questions include: Do the employees have the right training and experience? Is the company listed as a contractor by the state? Is the company insured, and do they work with insurance companies? Does the company interact with the state on your behalf? And have they done this before, or is it their first job?

Last, does the company use a process that follows state guidelines?

  • Your insurance policy for heating oil spills is based on state guidelines, and you need to satisfy both the state and your insurance company. Any company you’re considering needs knowledgeable people in the field, ensuring the administrative process for the cleanup is correct.

And you really do care about that administrative process and paperwork, because when the job is done but the paperwork isn’t right, problems will linger. Sometimes for years.

What Happens When a Heating Oil Spill is Cleaned up Right

When you have a heating oil spill, and you place a call to a company that meets the above criteria, they should ask whether you have an emergency or if the spill is contained. Next, they should ask questions to determine your needs so they are able to determine the equipment and personnel to bring on site.  The company should also be flexible enough to show up at your site within 1-2 hours.

But that’s only the beginning.

After the spill is contained, an experienced company supervisor must determine the scope of work to be completed for cleaning the site. State authorities also come very quickly to evaluate and monitor the situation and to make sure the company knows to work with the state, making sure the work proposed satisfies the state spill closure standards. The company needs to understand how to work with the insurance companies involved, making sure their standards are met as well.

What Makes Miller Environmental Group Different

Miller Environmental Group (MEG) is an environmental service company that’s been around for 50 years and continues to grow because of our commitment to service. With home heating oil, MEG’s skilled teams are well equipped to handle any type of heating oil spill and will restore your site to the way it was before the spill.

MEG goes further than just providing a heating oil spill cleanup.  We follow all local and state protocols, keeping the documentation close at hand. We communicate with the state representative, follow through, and close the spill according to state standards for you. Our highly trained employees ensure the administrative process is correct. This keeps both customers and insurers protected.

Other businesses that don’t provide this level of support will leave the customers in a position where all their needs aren’t met, and the state is requiring specific reporting in order to close the spill. They have no closure documents.

Note: MEG does the follow-up and paperwork for you. Other companies don’t do this, but we do because we’re a service company.

So look for an environmental company that has experience doing heating oil cleanup, is capable and qualified, follows state guidelines, and properly closes the spill for you.

With MEG we provide you with a turnkey, professional program.

Because when you have a heating oil spill, you need everything else to go right that day.