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Industrial Cleaning for the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Sector

Food and beverage manufacturing is not a cut and clean industry. Many standards need to be upheld when working in this industry. Going in blind means potential fines, wasted products, and hazardous goods sold to customers. 

These standards are upheld in an environment like this to negate potential downfalls in a company.

In this blog, we will go through the necessary and potential services needed when running a food and beverage manufacturing company.

Environmental training and compliance 

Working in the food and beverage industry, certain certifications are a must to stay in business. DOT and RCRA Hazardous Materials Training must comply with every person at the company. 

Navigating these pieces trainings requires an expert in the field. Be sure you are bringing a team of professionals on to train the staff to ensure proper maintenance and upkeep at the facility. 

Disposal facilities

Partnering with a reliable industrial cleaning company allows you to properly dispose of waste. 

These experts provide clients with the most cost-effective and environmentally sound disposal options for each waste stream identified. 

The personnel you hire should be trained & experienced in the assessment and characterization of regulated & non-regulated wastes by the EPA, State, and DOT Regulations as well as perform regular audits on their facilities,  thereby offering a complete range of disposal solutions.

Laboratory packing and cleanout

This service is tremendously helpful for those working in chicken plants. Silo cleaning and vacuuming out of sumps, bins, tanks, RR, and UST are crucial tasks to avoid hazardous and molded materials from growing in the facility. 

The necessary services you don’t think of 

A major part of industrial cleaning involves various types of cleaning services, depending on what needs to be disposed of and where from. A few examples are: 

  • Outdoor cleaning- This is important for facilities that house foods that become hazardous after their expiration date such as chicken.
  • Dye tank/ large duct/ outfall cleaning- These types of services are mainly used in the pet food industry.
  • Vacuum tank and high CFM vacuum truck work- Vacuum trucks are helpful in the bakery and chip manufacturing industries. 
  • Line jetting- (no info provided)
  • Ice blasting- This process removes sticky substances off floors inside beverage tanks 
  • Pressure washing- This is crucial in all food and beverage manufacturing companies to keep the facility clean and hazard free. 

Restoration services

Accidents happen and a plant may need restoration services. Say there is a plant fire or flood at your location; issues like this will need to be addressed immediately. 

Be sure to have an industrial cleaning partner that can provide these services promptly if ever necessary.  

MEG – Industrial Cleaners specialized in Food & Beverage Manufacturing 

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