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Power Plant Scheduled Outage

Some projects just can’t go wrong.

Take, for example, power plant scheduled outages. The industrial cleaning company you’re using needs to manage their work to fit your time frame.
You need contractors who are experienced, safe, and knowledgeable, and you need them from a business that’s organized, well-managed, and well-staffed.
It’s all about getting the job done right, safely, and on time. Otherwise, problems can multiply.

When can Miller Environmental Group get the work done?

Miller Environmental Group Inc. (MEG) understands how time-sensitive power plant shutdown projects can be.  MEG’s advance planning and ongoing communication ensure a smooth project and a shutdown without surprises. We’ll always show up fully staffed and on time. After all, MEG is a service provider. We make sure you receive the services you need when you need them. And everyone on site will have a high level of training and experience, with safety being a top priority.

What does Miller Environmental Group do?

If you have a need for industrial cleaning for your next plant outage, MEG has it covered. We offer:

  • Vac Truck Services
  • Oily waste transport & disposal
  • Line Jetting & Decon
  • Retention basin cleaning
  • Glycol system evacuation & recharge
  • Universal Waste packaging, transport & disposal
  • Support services to mechanical contractors
  • And much more

How Does Miller Get the Job Done?

Our biggest asset is our people. And our people have the right training, experience and equipment to get the job done, regardless of the complexity. MEG also gets the job done right by strong communication. MEG has the experience to know that not all jobs go smoothly, but we recognize that proper planning and proactive communication eliminates most unwanted surprises. After all, some things must be done right the first time.

With 50 years of experience, you can count on Miller Environmental Group to be your one-stop environmental contractor for power plants and utilities.

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