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Are You Prepared For Storm Season?

Preparing yourself for storm season is the best way to stay ahead of natural disasters in your area. As we find ourselves in the peak of hurricane season, it is best to know your next steps in case you find yourself in need of an emergency response plan. Emergency storm season preparedness begins with building a relationship with rapid emergency response remediation companies.

This form of disaster preparedness and contingency planning allows you to ensure resources will be available when needed reducing your overall downtime. Following these practices are also an advantage for tornado, tropical storms, and flood seasons.

To soften the chaos that comes during these catastrophic events, you can refer to the US EPA and other Government websites for quick links to walk you through an impactful emergency plan. These include manuals with checklists and the necessary steps to set your business up for success post-storm.

Who Should be Looking into Emergency Response Services?

Primary buyers for emergency response services include industries such as:

– Retail / Grocery

– Manufacturing

– Supply Chain / Distribution Centers

– Third-Party Property Management

If you are in one of these spaces, it is crucial to ensure that when waters rise and winds begin to wail, you have peace of mind that your property and investments will get the best care they need. That’s why ensuring you have an emergency plan is of the utmost importance.

Moving Along Advanced Preparation for Storm Season 

Since these Storm seasons usually occur in the Spring time and throughout the Summer seasons, the best time to search for your perfect emergency response contractor is before these seasons, to ensure you are not playing catch up.

An easy way to gain this calm response after the storm is to set up a qualified response contractor in advance that will be accessible 24/7, 365. By ensuring you have a team in place, you won’t get stuck at the bottom of a long list of companies in your area with a disaster plan without an actual plan that will work.

This means your team will be ready and willing to secure the necessary assets versus hoping those assets will be available. This reassures you that help will be there when you really need it and ultimately reduce the overall impact on your business and reduce costly extended downtimes.

Finding the right remediation solution for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and mudslides can be difficult if you’re not sure what services you are looking for. With each disaster and case, the impact that your property faces will be the determining factor of what services you will need to get back up and running.

Luckily, a properly trained emergency response/remediation partner will work with you to make sure the decisions made during preplanning through an actual response will result in the best solution in order to bring your establishment back to its natural state as quickly as possible.

Where Partnering with Miller Environmental Group (MEG)

When you work with MEG, you gain 50 + years of industry experience and a dedicated team of professionals that are ready to do the heavy lifting. We will take care of:

  • Recovering any lost perishable items/lost products
  • Cleaning up debris on your property
  • Recovering any hazardous materials
  • Removing impacted substrates
  • Recovering your valuables affected by flood waters
  • Recovering floating/displaced fuel tanks, mud/debris, partial building collapses and other contributing factors inhibiting you from taking occupancy

Miller Environmental Group offers emergency response services for:

  • Emergency roll-off Delivery
  • Lost product/perishable recovery
  • Flood water and sediment removal
  • Hazardous material recovery
  • Stormwater/retention pond cleaning
  • Debris removal
  • Temporary refrigeration storage units
  • Land and Marine-based emergency spill response 
  • U.S. Coast Guard OSRO (Oil Spill Removal Organization) regulations/requirements

Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late!

Start building your relationship with a company that can ease your mind when it comes to preparing for natural disasters and receiving adequate emergency response services. Discover MEG’s entire list of service offerings for these disasters and more!