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Solving Fabricated Metal Waste

What if your fabricated metal waste was actually picked up on time? What if you’re out of compliance, and you have essential help getting back into compliance? And what if you’re assured that your current compliance protocols hold no unpleasant surprises come inspection time?

Make the hardest parts of your work easy, and look for a company that both handles your waste on your schedule and knows all your regulatory needs.

Frustrations and Surprises

Problems in fabricated metal waste tend to come from two very different sources:

1. You’re not getting the service you need.

For example, you scheduled a fabricated metal waste pickup for 2 weeks ago, but the pickup happened yesterday. This delay causes cascading problems in-house because the disposal service didn’t come when they said they would.

You need a company who comes on your schedule, not theirs.

2. Surprises happen.

Sometimes an ISO inspector asks you to maintain records you don’t have. Or the DEP audits, and lets you know you’re supposed to analyze waste every 5 yrs – but you don’t know what they’re talking about. Or a vengeful former employee left, and as soon as he left he turned you in, and you have noncompliances. You urgently need help fixing these issues.

When you get a violation, you risk fines, all while your safety rating plummets. Customers can see that. And that loses business.

How is MEG Uniquely Positioned to Help with Fabricated Metal Waste?

Miller Environmental Group (MEG)  helps with waste, compliance, and more. With MEG you won’t need to place separate calls to a lab, an industrial hygienist, and a compliance specialist. One call to MEG takes care of it all.

MEG is a service company in business for 50 years. Not only will we take your fabricated metal waste, we’ll also provide outstanding service.

If your company has high turn-over, we ensure the necessary in-house systems are documented and easy to understand. MEG makes sure all team members have access to spill kits and SDS Management Systems, and can ensure your SDS system is up to date.

How do I Know I’m Getting What I Pay For?

You know you’re getting what you pay for when you see two things: change, and outstanding service.

Case in point, when going into a company with no safety programs, once it’s implemented, the employees – and consequently the customers – really see it. That’s good for business.

MEG safely removes your waste and provides exceptional service based on your needs, not on MEGs timetable. That’s good for your business too. Our service and attention to company needs is a huge component for many of our clients.

Service, service, service is what you get with MEG.
Exemplary service.

What’s Next?

You can go with a company that handles your waste on your schedule, and knows all your regulatory needs.  Or you can roll the dice and see what comes of it.

Want superior service at a whole new level?
Call MEG.