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The Importance of Training and Compliance

Does your industry require one or more compliance documents from the Environmental Health & Safety or Occupational Safety and Health Administration? If your workplace must meet standards for OSHA and/or EHS, it is crucial to stay current to maintain and improve the efficiency and safety of the workplace, as well as avoid hefty fines and penalties.


It can be difficult to ensure protocol is being met at all times for both OSHA and EHS requirements. This is why third-party resources are available so that your company is up to date on compliance. 


Comprehensive OSHA & Environmental Compliance Training resources are available to companies to help them succeed and ensure safety in the workplace. These programs are typically on an “Always-on” subscription service, meaning they are available 24/7 for easy access to you when you need it. 


Make sure when choosing a safety training and compliance partner, they offer everything your company needs to stay ahead of the game when it comes to safety. 


Creating a safe work environment with accident prevention 


There are countless benefits associated with investing in the safety of your employees. Ensuring training and compliances are up to date not only saves you during safety inspections but also saves you time and money each day. 


For starters, by ensuring proper training for all employees, there is a greater awareness of hazards to all employees. This will be different from company to company, worksite to worksite. Keeping your staff informed on all potential hazards will set them up for success going into a new project. 


Proper training prevents incidents such as injuries, illnesses, and harmful environmental releases at an industrial site. Compliance training can help to avoid falls, spills, cuts, respiratory ailments, and other workplace hazards. People need to know how to do their jobs safely before they start working.


Keeping your employees informed and safely creates less employee turnover, fewer medical expenses out of the company’s pocket, and less training for new employees. Overall, saving you time and money. 


Not only will this ensure a safer working environment, but also save the company during safety inspections. To promote a safe work environment, organizations like OSHA and EHS have to fine those who do not comply and these fines are not cheap. Don’t let this happen to you. 


MEG- an expert in safety and compliance 


At Miller Environmental Group, we provide clients with an additional layer of assurance through training and compliance solutions, along with our many other emergency response and environmental services. 


MEG has over 50 years of experience solving complex problems for our customer base and builds long-term relationships to sustain the compliance built over time as well as an affordable and predictable fee structure. Contact us today to learn more about the safety and compliance solutions MEG can offer you.