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Waste Disposal: Can it be Dependable, Compliant, and Cost Less?

If you schedule a pickup for industrial waste disposal on a Tuesday for example, you expect the waste picked up on Tuesday. Not a hard concept.

But the opposite is happening. Now (thank you Covid) you schedule a pickup for waste transportation and disposal, and your pickup is late by a day or two. Or three.

Dependability is essential to every business. People rely on you getting your goods and services out on time. You need the same. You need a dependable company that does waste transportation and disposal quickly, cheaply, and safely – all while helping you stay in compliance.

How do you find a company that actually meets your needs for industrial waste disposal? Consider these four things.

1. Dependability

At Miller Environmental Group (MEG), we don’t just hire drivers, we hire technicians, who we help to train to become drivers. This way our drivers know everything from the ground up and know exactly what’s in the loads they’re driving.

Our drivers aren’t just anyone getting behind the wheel. They’re experienced technicians getting safely behind the wheel, driving a load they know all about.

Our drivers are dependable and have a safety record that speaks for itself.

And when we say we’ll pick up your waste on Tuesday, you’ll see us on Tuesday.

2. Lower Costs

MEG keeps costs down in several ways. First, we own our own disposal facilities, which means we don’t have to pay another company to accept the waste we bring.

Also, when trucks bring waste to disposal sites every waste stream must be approved, as the trucks sit. The longer those trucks sit waiting for approval, the more it costs you. With MEG this takes hours. With other companies it take days.

All this saves you money.

We pass these savings along to you.

3. Staying Environmentally Sound and in Compliance – The MEG Difference

With MEG, each office has a compliance expert on staff who knows the federal, state, and local laws so you can be comfortable and confident that your waste is being treated legally.

Our services aren’t limited to waste disposal, either. MEG also does on-site audits. We help you save more money and stay in compliance by preventing problems and being as environmentally friendly as possible. Regardless of the industry.

We can even create & organize your SDS database if you need it.

4. Reputation – What We Provide

MEG is a service company that’s all about compliance. We’re here to serve. For example:

  • Our 50-year reputation is excellent
  • We have an excellent DOT safety record
  • Our facilities are tip top and state of the art
  • MEG is on a lot of business’s approval lists (we’re happy to introduce you to our clients)
  • MEG is considered to be a regional resource for a tremendous number companies

MEG has a solid reputation for safety and service. And think of it: how often do you get better safety, better compliance, and a better reputation for a lower cost?

Go for a Win

When you keep your waste disposal costs down, get it done on time, stay safe, and in an environmentally sound way, everyone wins.

So go with a company that cares about the environment and has the know-how to do the job right.

Dependability is essential to every business. And you can depend on Miller Environmental Group.

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