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Water Park Cleaning & Maintenance

You really don’t need more complexity in your life, do you?

Being responsible for water park cleaning and maintenance is no small task. The park needs to be properly cleaned and disinfected, pumps need maintenance, sand filters need cleaning… so much to do, no time to get it done twice.

And if any one of these cleanings or maintenance items aren’t done properly, you’ll have headaches, repairs, expenses, and potential water park opening delays next season. Worse yet, improper maintenance brings the potential for fines from the Department of Health, State Environmental Regulators, and local authorities. No thank you. It’s critical to get the job done right. The first time.

Simpler, Better, Cheaper, and Cleaner

Get the job done right the first time with one call.

Miller Environmental Group Inc. (“MEG”) not only performs water park cleaning and disinfection, but also helps with the disposal of water, sand filter cleanings, cleaning out pumping lines, and winterization.

Making one call saves you time and money while your facility stays cleaner.

MEG provides responsive, discreet service, keeping your park up and running at all times. And we do mean that. Emergency services can be on site in 1-4 hours.

With MEG servicing your water park, your equipment lasts longer, unwanted algae growth is stopped before it starts, you save money because cleaning was done right the first time, and you can open on time the following season.

When MEG completes the job, you’ll receive a report so you know you’re covered. And when you need to submit the report to someone, we’ll do that for you as well.

We focus on our job so your job is simpler, with better results.

What Else Can Miller Environmental Group do for my Water Park?

More solutions which MEG can provide while at your water park includes:

  • Mechanics Room / Maintenance Shop Cleaning and Waste Transportation & Disposal (T&D)
  • Chemical Inventory Room & Bulk Storage
  • Tank Cleanings to prepare for Tank Inspections (typically every 5 years)
  • Compressor Maintenance and Cleanings
  • Training and Compliance
  • Waste Transportation & Disposal
    • Universal Waste
    • Diesel Contaminated Waste
    • Oil Waste, Including Hydraulic Oils

Simpler with Better Results

Reduce the complexity in your workplace by placing one call to MEG for all your water park cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance.

You can count on MEG to get the job done right. The first time.

Call MEG at 800-394-8606 to discuss a customized plan for water park cleaning and disinfection. Prefer using an online contact? Fill out our contact form below.